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Web apps

We can handle the whole process for building a web site or web application - from design, through development, testing and performing the server hosting and maintenance. Our team will be dedicated to build the product responsive for both desktop and mobile and to ensure that it suits best your business needs.

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Native apps

Whether you need a desktop or mobile application we can build it native for the platforms that you are targeting. This way you will be able to benefit most from the available hardware. The best app performace and usability are for sure important fundaments for backing up performant business processes.

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3D apps

Maybe your business requires interactions and calculations in the 3D space? No problem - we are experienced in building 3D applications both represented on 2D screens and also apps using AR and VR technologies. Our experts in 3D modeling and architectural visualizations will help you choose the best technology for your needs.

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UI/UX Design

Our team of designers plays key role in the development process of each individual project. Their mission is not only to make the application appealing but also to organize the user interface in such way that it maximizes the usability. This guarantees reaching the best user experience and respectively optimizes each of the daily job routines for your concrete business needs.

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Software as a service

We provide licences for several cloud based SaaS solutions. Whether your business needs an appointment booking system, or accounting software that keeps track of incomes/expenses, or archviz app allowing you to build immersive virtual tours - we may have already developed the software that fits your requirements. Reach out to us and we will choose together the best licensing plan for your need.

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Personalized solutions

Whether you need some additional functionality on top of our SaaS solutions or you need entirely new application we will be happy to hear your requirements and discuss together the best technology to approach them. Our team consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds - designers, architects, matematicians and software developers, but what is common is that we all love solving challenging tasks.

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About us

Ensuring the success of your business is our goal

We are a team of specialists in different areas - design, architecture, mathematics, engineering and software development. With the combined knowledge of all team members we can handle the whole process for building successful products that can optimize your daily tasks and lay a solid fondation for a successful business.

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Bulgaria, Sofia, 32 Osogovo street

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+359 883 388 162